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Dyosa Episode 9 : August21, 2008

Zanjoe Marudo is starting to appear on the scene as a comics illustrator. Dyosa and Kasamians are appearing on his dream. Meanwhile,Josephine encountered a transformation that she did not expect. Will these things convince Josephine that she is indeed a "Dyosa"?

After seeing the kasamian evils coming out from the Tiara, Josephine is still in denial to accepts the task of being a Dyosa because of fears that she might lose her family. As Josephine returns home, she was horrified to see the Tiara in her room and thought that Bakus did it, but it was Kulas, who secretly took the Tiara from the river and put it to Josephine’s room.

At Kasamian, Adonis was secretly approached by a woman who knows his true identity as half Kabanua and half Kasamian. She gave him a magical potion that could hide his ugly appearance while he’s in the mortal world. The woman was about to tell the negative aspect of the potion but their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Tadaklan.

Meanwhile, Agatha was walking her way home when she saw many "tiyanak" on the road. Josephine was also walking that way, and when the "tiyanak" saw her, Josephine beamed a bright light which scared them. This case make Agatha think that Josephine and her family are evil spirits too. Agatha and Josephine got a confrontation while Josephine is on duty which cause her to be terminated from the job.After getting fired from her job,Josephine asks Kulas not to take her home and leave her alone for a moment. While walking into a dark alley she encountered a group of guys who are trying to rape a girl and attempts to assault her. Josephine transforms into a centaur (Dyosa Tierra) and kick the asses of the muggers. As she runs to take some cover, a mystical creature come up to Josephine and introduced himself as a Lakan.

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