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Dyosa episode 10 Zanjoe Marudo

  • one of the Lakans from Kabanua took his opportunity to persuade Josephine to accept her fate as a Goddess (Dyosa).Josephine’s earlier experience opens Josephine’s eyes that her power can be used to help others in need. Josephine’s encounter with the Kasamians was soon followed by a more dangerous one, while walking on her way home, she was abducted by two manananggals. Josephine transformed into Dyosa Cielo and defeat the malignos. The mananangals then turned to Venus and Miong. Josephine was able to saved Venus but Miong was dropped by mananangals from the air. Miong was rushed into the hospital and was in severe pain. At the hospital, Huling and Josephine were intrigued by a delirious man (Zanjoe Marudo) who repeatedly moans the word “Dyosa”. Will this event enough to convince Josephine to accept her fate as Dyosa?What will be the role of Zanjoe in Dyosa's life? Watch Dyosa Episode 9
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