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Dyosa Episode 8: August20,2008

Diana lands to earth and posed as Clarisse – Agatha’s cousin from Cotabato which she had earlier killed. This means that Diana doesn’t have to go any further in searching for the Takda.Meanwhile,Its still the time for Bakus to convince Josephine that she's the "Dyosa". He gave her the crown called "Tiara" but will she accept it?

Magayon went back to Kasamian and asks Tadaklan to help her in finding her daughter Diana but the Kasamian ruler shows little interest.With no one to turn into, Magayon personally set off to the mortal world to find her daughter and it didn’t take long for her to locate Diana. Kulas show his real identity as "Gibot"to Venus.He invited Venus to swim underneath the sea but their supposed enjoyable swim below the water was interrupted by giant swordfish. Kulas got stabbed by the giant swordsfish's pointed nose. A school of fish help him and they brought Kulas into a undersea palace.A mysterious mermaid welcomes the Gibut and calls him by the name of "Barakula". Meanwhile after much pondering, Josephine is starting to consider if there’s any truth behind Bakus and Kulas’s claim that she’s a Dyosa.it was Bakus’s turn to convince Josephine to wear the Tiara and accept her duty as a Dyosa. Josephine in jest grabs the Tiara and as she was putting the crown in her head, Josephine all of a sudden throws the Tiara into the river. As the Tiara sank into the water, a big explosion soon followed and along with it, came the Kasamians -emerging from the Tiara, in great numbers.

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