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Dyosa Episode 11 Sam Milby (Adonis) Arrival

It's Sam Milby's arrival.After the malignos failed to kill the Takda, Tadaklan decided that it is time to send his son Adonis to the mortal world. Adonis burrowed from Kasamian all the way to Earth, where he was quickly escorted by two Kasamians upon arrival. Can he do something to kill the Takda?
  • Zanjoe Marudo who was named as Mars Zargal; a comic illustrator, regains his consciousness after having nightmares about “Dyosa” and was fetched by the owner of Makiling Comics from the hospital. Josephine was forced to look for a job because Miong was unable to work at the bakery.She applied as a publisher’s assistant in Makiling Comics but the owner hired her as a personal assistant instead.

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