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We have learned the importance of online marketing for our business from our previous post. The next question is how can we do that? Is there a free way to do this? Articles and e-books are circulating in internet to teach us about internet marketing. Just treat yourself like a student who is buying a book from a bookstore or researching in Public library. Internet marketing is not an overnight course it will takes time to learn. But, once you learn it you will find the wealth hiding on it online. I personally don't have in depth knowledge of internet marketing but my friends from making money online forum is teaching me how to do it. I am proud to say that one of my source of income came from internet too...A Toyota RAV4 car, Tour to Egypt, Tour to UAE I got it all through my online business. You might think that you need to have a website to promote your business and it will cost you for the hosting and for the design. You might ask yourself, can I have it for free? Yes, you need a website to promote your business online but it doesn't necessarily means that you have to spend for hosting and design. Instead of a website you may make a blogsite to make it free.You may sign-up in Blogger site to have your own blogsite for free . You can also design your own blog here as long as you know how to click and drag. You may also use the website of other persons to advertise your business for free if you dont have your own website. You may subscribe to a local forums in your country and put the name of your business establishment and telephone number as your signature for your post. One example of this is Qatarliving if you are located in Qatar. Aside from online forum, you may also subscribe in yahoo groups or google groups wich is relevant to your business. You may use your creative thinking to advertise there. You may have friends or fellow business owner who have their websites. They might be willing to advertise your business on their site. If you have a website of your own you can offer to do the same for them (exchange links). If you don't have a site of your own they might be willing to barter. Offer them a free service your business offers.

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