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Internet Marketing and Traditional Advertising for our Business

Most OFW's are planning to have their own business and some already have their own. But not all OFW are familiar with the benefits of internet marketing or online advertisement for their business. They are missing the idea that it can be their 24/7 virtual marketing machine wherever they are. They forgot that it can be their way to stay in touch with their business from the Philippines or from any part part of the world. they are wasting the opportunity that online advertisement can bring them more customers and clients to their "brick and mortar" location. Today people ar much more internet savvy. Business owners should talk to them through a media of internet. Prospective customer will Google your name and what you can offer to them. Take the Overseas Filipino Worker in your place as example. How many of them have their own computers and internet? Don't you want them to know that you have a bussiness of cargo delivery, or airport pick-up and drop-off, or maybe a tourist agency in the Philippines? Dont you want hem to be a part of your prospective customer? Maybe online advertisement is not touching our mind before because we are so conditioned by offline advertising such as radio, newspaper, magazine and television advertisement. Unknowingly to us online advertisement is much cheaper and has an international target market compare to offline advertising. The disadvantage of online marketing is that there is nothing physical associated to your advert compare to offline marketing. Offline marketing works well because there is something physical attached to your advert. Your customer might keep the newspaper in their table and read it everytime that they want to read it. The disadvantage of offline marketing you can not send this news paper worldwide in a cheaper price. Both online and offline marketing is important for our business. Its a best practice to do it together. Having a balanced mix of advertising is very good for our business. We should know how to do an online marketing and we should know where to put our offline ads. You may browse some articles in the internet to learn more about it or visit the links from this site to get some better ideas.

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