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How to Send and Receive Money Online

As an OFW; we are always sending money overseas. Most often we are sending to our relatives but sometimes we are sending to an internet store to buy stuffs from internet. There is a risk in sending money through an internet. There are lots of hacking techniques which threaten us to do the the transaction. The best way and the safest way to send money is through Western Union. Western Union offers both online and offline money transfer services. The transfer offline is still the most secured way. Unfortunately not all merchant or online store is accepting western union. Because of this we have to use our credit card. The problem with credit card is the threat of being hacked. It is so annoying to have a $3000 limit of credit card that was hacked just because you have to buy a 10$ stuffs from internet. Fortunately there is paypal, alertpay and Virtual Visa Card as substitute for credit card. Virtual Visa Card can be requested from your bank. I have my own virtual visa card which I requested fromCommercial Bank of Qatar. Limit amount in Virtual Visa Card is flexible. You may decrease it or increase it according to your transaction amount by calling the customer service of the bank. If your transaction is only 10$, you may ask the customer service to limit it as 10$ only. In this way, there is no greater amount that the hacker can hack from it. Paypal is the most common payment processor for internet maketing. It is commonly used in e-bay and other online stores. Paypal is like an internet wallet. you have to put funds on it to use it. You have to ask your bank to add funds on it or you have to make an online transfer from your credit card to paypal. Companies are also using paypal to pay internet marketer. Google are using it to pay publisher for adsense account or for posting their advertisement to their blogs or website. It's good to have a paypal account if you want to be an internet marketer or if you want to earn online. You can use it also to sell your items in e-bay or if you want to accept payment through your website. You may register here to have an account from Paypal Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. Alertpay is another internet wallet that you can use to buy stuffs from internet. You can also use it to send money to your family or receive payment from online companies for your service to them. You may register here to have an account from alertpay

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