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How A TV show Scriptwriter Became Millionaire at the Age of 28

A Filipino TV show Scriptwriter became millionaire at the age of 28. Yes you read it right. This is an another rugs to riches story of Filipino who got his fortune from something that we are using everyday. Believe it or not; he got his riches from the internet.

Ian del Carmen, was just a simple scriptwriter of ABS-CBN before and he was one of the script writer of Pinoy Big Brother. He dont even have his own computer and internet connection when he found out the internet business that made him rich. Now he is earning more than P500,000 per month. A few days ago his story was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

What he did to be an internet millionaire at the age of 28?

Ian del Carmen believe with the power of internet. He believe that promotion of business is more powerfull online. Promotion of bussiness online will target a global market compare with the limited target market of traditional advertising. This is called as e-commerce.

Ian del Carmen dont have formal training about computer, he is just an ordinary chatter,forum poster and e-mail user. He just learned the bussiness from internet cafe by researhing and reading some e-books. He believes that he dont need lots of capital to start it. He just started with one e-book that he purchased from the internet and he successfully sold it to an american lady through online site. The idea of selling through internet encourages him to do his bussiness continously till he founded a virtual company that sells e-books and softwares online.

What can we do if we dont have our own products to sell and we dont even want to buy items online and sell it through internet?

Selling products through internet is not just the only way to earn online. You may earn also earn by reffering someone to a website who are selling their own product. Example; if your friend want to call his family abroad, don't you want to help him to find solution of how to call his family in cheaper way. I know you want to help him too. You may tell him about Skype.com. Do you know that you can earn from skype if you will refer someone to their website? Visit Skype.com now then scroll down the page and look for the partners link at the bottom.You will see "sell skype products" on that page. You dont have to pay anything to be a refferer or affiliate of Skype and other internet programs but you may earn from them. Maybe you are not yet familiar with this program of skype. Atleast, you know now that you may earn from skype. Skype is not a scammer and we all know that.

How can we do that business or how can we reffer online if we have totally zero knowledge about internet marketing?

Internet marketing is not part of any curriculum in school you can not learn about it inside your class rooms. You may learn about it by researching online. We just need to have an open minded mind about things that we can see online. You may learn the business by researching online but if you want to learn it fast with a coach and to avoid being mixed up Ian del Carmen is willing to help you.

Ian del carmen is willing to coach you if you want to learn what he did to be a millinaire. He will share his knowledge to you through his 7$ (350Pesos) coaching program online.

Business seminars in the Philippines to learn a business cost more than a thousand Pesos but Ian del carmen knows the word "recession" and he dont want to take advantage of you, that's why he is offering the business coaching for only P350 or $7. He will do it online too so you can learn and do the business even if you are in abroad.

That's cool, you dont have to resign from your job to earn online.

Start to learn the business now by availing Ian del Carmen's coaching program

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