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British and American: Specific Target of Mumbai Attacks

A British man has told of the awful moment terrorist gunfire erupted around him as he sat in a hotel restaurant in Mumbai.

Alex Chamberlain managed to escape the Oberoi hotel alive as other people in his group were shot at.

Gunmen stormed the building last night as part of a wave of organised attacks on targets across the city well known for their popularity with tourists.

He told Sky News how he was in a group of people ushered into the restaurant's kitchen as one of the waiters was shot in the arm. The group of about 30-40 people were then "marched up like sheep" by a "young guy with a sub-machine gun, who was about 22-23".

The gunman told people to stop walking and put their hands in the air. The attacker then asked if any of the people were British or Americans.

Chamberlain said: "My Indian friend told me 'don't be a hero' and tell him you're Italian and that kind of stuff'."

Incredibly, the Briton and another person managed to sneak out of a fire door "without the gunman seeing us", where they stayed for about 15 minutes.

Chamberlen said: "I phoned my girlfriend and told her I loved her and thought it would be the last time I would talk to anyone."

He then walked "slowly downstairs expecting to see somebody with a gun around the corner" but they had gone.

Chamberlen said he walked into the lobby and when he came out into the street there were about 20 police officers there "looking just as scared as any of us" and a few fire engines.

He called the attacks "the ugly face of Islamic fundamentalism" because of the "language and venom in which people were asked if they were American or British".

The Briton, who works for Indian Premier League cricket, said: "They were talking about Britons and Americans specifically".

source: skynews.com

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