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Dyosa Episode 12

Diana secretly goes out at night in search for the "Takda' but all the girls that she puts on fire was - all, a case of mistaken identity. The news soon circulates that a serial killer is roaming across the town killing young girls. This forces Diana to halt her search for the Takda, she became even more depress and blames her mother for putting her into this kind of mess. Soon after his arrival in the mortal world, Adonis quickly readies himself in tracking down the Takda. The witch that gave him the potion is also in the mortal world and serves as his caretaker.
At the publishing house, Calliope continues to terrorize Josephine but our Dyosa shows a lot of self-control in dealing with her boss. Later on, while finishing her work, Josephine felt that some kind of dark energy is trying to engulf her whole body. Miong and Huling became very worried after seeing the crystals, acting strangely and seemed to be fighting off a force that is trying to harm Josephine. At that time, the witch is performing a hymn, using a mystical fountain to track down the face of the Takda and slowly, a silhouette of the Takda’s face began to appear in the water.

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