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Dyosa Episode 13 : Sam Milby's Events Agency

After learning from Hiyas that medallion is missing, Amang Suga tries to get up from his sickbed and went on, to confront Magayon. He caught Magayon talking to Diana and learned that they’re plotting to kill the Takda and also discovered that Sinukuan was held captive by his eldest daughter. Suga’s spirit went at Sinukuan’s dungeon and sets his daughter free and then transported her to the mortal world, to search for the Takda. Meanwhile Adonis bought a huge stake of an events agency and demanded to bring to him all the beautiful girls ages 17-18Have you noticed the voice Sam milby (Adonis). He is using his real voice now.

The two Kasamian manananggals spotted Diana and snatched her into the air. Josephine sensed the commotion and quickly transforms into Dyosa Cielo to rescue Diana. Josephine succeeded warding-off the Kasamians and was able to rescue Diana. The two sisters came face-to-face for the time, with Diana being surprise to see a creature, as powerful as hers.

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