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VOIP (Lover's Voice Over Internet Protocol)

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart." ==Kay Knudsen Its hard to be away from someone you love. It requires special willingness, trust and understanding. You have to show each others love in different way. you need to have constant communication and have desire to continually strenghten your relationship. I know this because I have been in this situation too. I want to hug her and kiss her but I can't do it, because we are miles away. The only tools that I have to make her feel what I feel is my words. Yes, my sweet words, but Im in a country where long distance call is expensive. How can I express what I feel If I'm thinking that the bill is running while Im talking to her. If she only has her computer then its not a problem anymore, we can chat through yahoo messenger, but she's always outside of her office and the only way to call her is through telephone. But, you know what? They are right when they said that love will find its way. I have found a solution to lower the cost of my long distance calls. I learned how to use Voice Over IP. VOIP or Voice Over IP is the protocol for transmission of your voice through internet. You will be able to call a landline or cellphone in any country using your computer which is connected to internet through this Protocol. With VOIP your long distance call bill can be slashed up to 75%. In my case I was able to call canada for 3 hours using 10$ VOIP account. That is a big saving compare to an 18 minutes of call using 14$ credit from my mobile provider. VOIP is easy to use. The only requirement is just an internet line and account from VOIP provider. You may use your computer or you may buy a device that only cost 50$ if you dont want to use use your computer. This device has better voice quality than PC. You may contact me using my yahoo id goodcallz If you want to know more about VOIP. I can help you make your own VOIP setup to call your love one. You may also visit Comfi.com to know more about VOIP and to purchase a VOIP credit

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