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Optical Ilusion

"Life is like an optical illussion. Sometimes we have to be near or away from something to see its full details. In the same way, sometimes we have to be away from someone to know her importance in our life." Take a look on these images. Is it a man or a girl? Some of you might see this as a face of a man with an uncommon hairstyle but on a closer look you will see that it is not a face of a man rather it is a girl which is sitting with her face hidden. she is just showing her long hair. Is the girl sitting on the top of the world? Take a closer look. It is the angle from which the picture is taken that makes us feel that the girl is at top of the world. No editing is done on it. What can you see here? It's Jesus with his follower. Can you see his follower? See more optical illusion at http://www.newopticalillusions.com/

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