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Meet Dave: Eddie Murphy

A massive fireball from space hits New York's Central Park and an ordinary man emerges unscathed. The man turns out to be a spaceship operated by 100 human-looking aliens who are one-quarter inch tall and seeking a way to save their planet; complications ensue when their captain falls in love with an Earth woman who's always picked losers for previous romances.

Dave Ming Chang (Murphy) is a man who falls to Earth and winds up wandering the streets of Manhattan. Decked out in a disco-era white suit, and proceeding with the stiff, sudden movements of a disoriented stork, Dave appears to be the epitome of a fish out of water. But that's only because he really isn't a man at all.

Rather, Dave is a spacecraft, meticulously constructed in the image of its tiny Captain (also Murphy), and filled with an entire crew of similarly miniscule space invaders. These strange visitors from the planet Nil arrive with spotty and largely outdated ideas about Earth language and customs.

But the Captain and his loyal No. 3 (Gabrielle Union, radiant as always) must do a little Googling of their own to complete their mission: finding a missing baseball-sized device that will do something good for their home planet and something very bad to the oceans on Earth. The hunt leads Dave to Gina (Elizabeth Banks), a pretty single mom, and her young son, Josh (Austyn Lind Myers), a bullied grade-schooler in need of a father figure.

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