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Beware of the New Scam: Your Money is Fake

Your money is fake sir! Have you heard that line from one of the cashier while paying in a store or restaurants in the Philippines or maybe you will be the next victim for this scam. So, be aware.

Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) Member had the exact same experience. The cashier of Pizza Hut Branch where he dined in last week told him that the bill he was using is fake.It doesn't have the name of the Philippine President and the Bangko Sentral Governor on it and, therefore, it was fake.But, he insisted that he just withdraw the money from Banco de Oro. Because of this situation, he wrote a thread in Pinoy Money Talk "Fake Php 1000 Bill" In that thread another PMT member mentioned that this may just be the modus operandi of a swindling gang. He knows this because he himself was also a victim.

Follow the thread here "Fake Money Scam" and read some points of view from other PMT members.

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