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320kg Hashish Seizes in Qatar

There are increasing news of violence that is happening here in Qatar. We dont know what is the real reason but, with this news that was published by The Peninsula Qatar. A part of the question might be answered.

Qatari authorities have seized 320kg of hashish, thwarting "one of the biggest drug trafficking operations" in the state, the official QNA news agency said yesterday.

What is Hashish? Hashish is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed trichomes collected from the cannabis plant. It contains the same active ingredients but in higher concentrations than other parts of the plant such as the buds or the leaves. Psychoactive effects vary between types of hashish but are usually the same as those of other cannabis preparations such as marijuana.

In a joint effort between the anti-narcotics department and several security agencies, 120kg of hashish were seized during a raid on an undisclosed location and "a number of people were arrested," QNA said. Authorities also seized QR471,000 ($130,000) during the raid, the news agency added without specifying when it took place.

Does it mean that they are selling the hashish here in Qatar? It said the suspects detained in the raid confessed that there would be another attempt to smuggle drugs into the country by sea, leading authorities to intercept the boat carrying the drugs as it approached the coast on Monday.

Read the whole story in The Peninsula Qatar.

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