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Dyosa Episode 6

This is the first scene for Sam Milby. He is playing the role of Adonis the son of Tadaklan. Is that his real voice? Or someone dubbed his voice to make him speak in straight Tagalog? Is english not allowed in Tadaklan's kingdom?

Haring araw told Josephine about her real identity but she thought that it’s just a dream. When she woke up; josephine found herself in the beach, while Kulas is watching her. Kulas knew of Josephine's real identity, and he knew of the vision that Josephine just had. Josephine was confused that he knows it, and Kulas told her that he is a "gibot" (a mermen). But when he was about to show it to Josephine, she ran away

Bakus stoped the coronation of Diana as "Takda" by informing Amang Suga that the daughter of Mariang Sinukuan is still alive. The daughter of Mariang Sinukuan; josephine, is the real "Takda". When the news came to Tadaklan he ordered Adonis to kill the daughter of Sinukuan.

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