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Dyosa Episode 15 : Lucky Manzano (Kulas) and Josephine

Because of the heavy traffic Kulas was unable to fetch Josephine but our Dyosa doesn’t want to hear any of Kulas’s excuses. Josephine told Kulas that the only way that she could ever forgive him is bring back the old Dyosa comics that her mother, has sold to the junk cart. Kulas seemed to face a very monumental task, so she asks for the help his fish friends. Kulas performed a magic spell which enabled the fishes to breath and swim outside the water and it didn’t take long before the fishes could bring back the comics. Josephine was very happy and rewarded Kulas, with a very sweet embrace.

At the office Sinukuan saw Josephine for the first time and couldn’t explain the joy that she had felt upon seeing the young lady. She even told her other sisters that she saw something’s special about Josephine.

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