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Al Jazeera Exchange in Qatar, Now Accepting Visa and Master Card

I have been in Al Jazeera Exchange Company in Al Saad today to send money for my family. One of their post got my attention. It says that "Al Jazeera Exchange is now accepting Visa and Master Card for Money Transfer Transaction". So, what?

This money transfer option of Al Jazeera Exchange can help lots of OFW in Qatar. Most OFW here in Qatar have their own Visa or Master card but most of the time they are just using it for purchase transaction. They seldom use it for cash advance because of 4% charge for each transaction. OFW in Qatar will rather barrow their needed money to send to their family from a person than to make cash advance from their visa card. With the new transaction option of using Visa card for money transfer in Al Jazeera Exchange, we can now use our visa card to send money to our family without the 4% charge. Transaction will be credited as purchase and not as cash advance. We dont have to barrow from our friends anymore. Using our visa card for the money transfer transaction will also help us to increase our points with the corresponding redeem points partner of our card like Q-miles and Wafa points. Al Jazeera Exchange Company is located in Al Saad just infront the Q-tel building. You may also contact them in their telephone number 4362422.

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