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Overseas Filipino Workers:Is there any other chance for us?

"I remember the day my husband left to work overseas. It was one of the saddest days in our family life. I pity my son because he is very close to his father and he really needs a father who will guide him with teen age days.I was quite worried that I can not guide my children without the help of my husband." These are the common expressions that we can hear from the wife of an Overseas Filipino Worker. This situation is very common in the life of typical Filifino family whose one of the parent is going abroad to give better future to their loved ones especially for their children. Why do we have to work away from our family? Is there no opportunities in the Philippines to fullfill our dreams? We know that working abroad is one way of fulfilling these dreams.Unfortunately, not all Overseas Filipino Workers are having the full beneficial returns. Some may be very lucky to have a very kind employer but some may not. Some can get the perfect job that they really wanted, others cannot. Some gets high paying jobs, some do not. Some contract worker have the opportunity to bring their families with them and sponsor them to have their own worker visa but some do not. Do we really have to battle illness alone in a foreign land without any member of our family to attend our needs and homesickness? In some cases foundation of family relationship becomes weak because of the physical distance that is built when one leaves home to work abroad. Children were not guided properly and wives need to survive a long distance relationship. Sometimes, both parents are working abroad and children would only be left under the guidance of one of their relatives; but sometimes the guardian cannot fully discipline them and it cause children to be stubborn. Long separation also creates gaps between the parents and children; closeness with each other is not firm or strong anymore. Inspite of these sacrifice we are still fighting to fullfill our dreams, to have a successful life. We can not resign from our jobs abroad because finding local jobs after working abroad is also a problem for the Ex-Overseas Filipino Workers. Some company are choosy and doesn't want to accept applicants whose job experience is outside Philippines. Companies are thinking that Ex-OFW are choosy with their jobs. You can be accepted in a local job sometimes, but the salary would not be the same as when working abroad. These are the reason why we are forced to leave the country , although we already like to stay at home for good….and so the cycle goes on. Can't we do something about this? Can't we just stay in the Philippines and earn a descent money to buy our needs? For the Overseas Filipino Worker, working abroad without saving extra income for their retirement years is one of the big mistakes that should be avoided. Some of the OFW are coming back to the Philippines without savings. Saving money for kids should be the goal of all OFW but unfortunately this is not the case for all. Filipino abroad should learn saving money techniques to prepare for their retirement. Once we learn this we will have the guts to stay in Philippines and to be with our family. This is my mission as a virtual soldier.I want to set an OFW retirement plan. I will gather the informations from the internet to know how to earn money through other opportunities. My goal is to have financial freedom and share this knowledge to my fellow OFW. I know that we all need money and I need money now. This might be hard at the start but I know that I can do his with the help of our Lord.

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